Annual Review meeting of TEC


The annual review meeting of Nitte University Technology Enabling Centre was held on 17 Sept 2022 at the TEC Centre, Paneer Campus, Mangaluru. Programme Advisory Group (PAG) expert, Prof Dr Gurumoorthy, DST Representatives, Dr Anita Aggarwal, Dr Krishna Kanth Pulicherla and the team from TEC Amrita headed by Prof Dr Krishna Shree and 2 members attended the meeting. The PAG meeting had 65 participants comprising academic and industry partners. Other dignitaries included the Chairman of TEC, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary, TEC Advisor and Head, Research & Patent, Prof Dr Iddya Karunasagar, Director TEC, Prof Dr Indrani Karunasagar, TEC Faculty, Industrial partners from CAMPCO, Puttur, Eshanaya Beverages, Mysore, Antidote, Delhi, Mangalore Biotech Lab, Section Infin-8 Foundation, Mangaluru, Jigsaw Bio Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, Aquatic Biosystems, Mangaluru and academic partners from Canara Engineering College, Mangaluru, St Joseph Engineering College, Mangaluru, SDUAHER, Kolar Medical College and members from constituent colleges of Nitte. All participants actively involved themselves in the discussion at the meeting.
The meeting began with Prof Dr Indrani Karunasagar, Director TEC, welcoming the committee members and presenting a detailed report of the activities of the centre. Chairperson of TEC, Nitte (DU), Prof Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary explained how the centre has been following the TEC mandate to reach the goal of creating an ecosystem for technology transfer and establishing a network of institutions, a collaborative community of researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists. Dr Indrani Karunasagar, in her presentation of the activities of 2021-22, gave an account of all the meetings held, projects submitted, awarded, technologies in the pipeline, those developed and transferred, expenditure incurred, revenue generated and the budget requirements for the next year. Mr Sandeep Eshanya whose technology on betel leaf tea and Ms Nadia from Antidote, Delhi for a spray dried technology for almond milk expressed their gratitude and their experience with TEC at the meeting. Both the products are almost market ready and have been case studies that prove the purpose for which the TECs were created by the DST. Students and young entrepreneurs shared their ideas with the officials in the meeting. They will be further enabled at the TEC. EAG member Prof B. Gurumurthy and DST officials Dr Anita Aggarwal and Dr Krishna Kanth Pulicherla commended the activities of the centre and congratulated the team for achieving the targets slated.

Event Date : 2022-09-17

Venue : DST TEC

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