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Patents of Nitte University

Sl.No Name of the Inventor Institution Title of Patent Claim Application Date Application Number Patent Status
1 Dr Raghavendra M Shetty
Dr Manoj Shetty
Dr N Sridhar Shetty
A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences Nitte (DU) Elbow Guard to prevent thumb/finger sucking habit in children 06-06-2019 201941022563 Published
2 Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary B
Mrs Sharmila K.P
Dr Amulya T.M
Dr Suchetha Kumari N
Dr Vadish S Bhat
K S Hegde Medical College Hospital Nitte (DU) Pomegranate herbal mouthwash for managing radiation induced oral mucositis in patients with head and neck cancer 04-09-2019 201941035547 Published
3 Prof Smitha Hegde
Ms Aastha Srinivasa
Nitte University Centre for Science Education and Research Nitte (DU) Technology for removal of cadmium from contaminated water using non-Living, microparticular biomass 10-11-2020 202014048997 Published
4 Dr Gunimala Chakraborty
Dr Anirban Chakraborthy
Nitte University Centre for Science Education and Research Nitte (DU) Primer sequences for detection of Salmonella sp by loop mediated Isothermal amplification (LAMP) 25-06-2020 202041023869 Published
5 Dr Gunimala Chakraborty
Dr Anirban Chakraborthy
Nitte University Centre for Science Education and Research Nitte (DU) Primer sequences for detection of Staphylococcus aureus by loop Mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) 16-06-2020 202041025204 Published
6 Dr Ravi M S
Dr Nithin Kumar
Dr Murali P S
Mr Aneesh Jose
Dr Jacob Thomas
Dr Harnoor Dhillon
A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences Nitte (DU) Calibrated Base formers for preparation of study casts in dentistry (NU Base Former) 02-01-2020 202041000081 Published
7 Dr Mamatha B S
Mr Yathisha UG
Nitte University Centre for Science Education and Research Nitte (DU) Process for the preparation of lipid free protein hydrolysates from ribbon fish 04-06-2020 202041023449 Published
8 Dr Karishma Ashok
Dr Biju Thomas
Dr Shashikantha Karinka
Mr Chandraprakash K R
Mr Karthik K
Mr Nithin Vivek
Mr Roshan Shetty
A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences ; NMAM Institute of Technology Nitte (DU) Periodontal temperature probe 30-08-2020 Published
9 Dr Niranjan N Chiplunkar NMAMIT Nitte (DU) Wheel chair with double scissor jack mechanism for height adjustment for creeping patients 19-03-2020 202041011863 Published
10 Dr Juliet Roshini Mohan Raj
Dr Indrani karunasagar
Nitte University Centre for Science Education and Research Nitte (DU) Consortium of bacteriophages to control Vibrio Parahaemolyticus causing vibriosis in aquaculture 20-02-2021 202141007161 Published
11 Ms Apoorva Kenjar
Dr Juliet Mohan Raj
Nitte University Centre for Science Education and Research Nitte (DU) Rapid and cost efficient method for extraction of DNA from dermatophytes 18-03-2021 202141011510 Published
12 Dr. Mamatha B S
Mr Yathish U.G
NUCSER Process for the preparation of betel leaf beverage with desirable taste and mouthfeel 29-03-2021 202141013955 Published
13 Dr. Akhil Shetty ABSMIDS Alterable orthodontic torque brackets 29-06-2021 202141029073 Published
14 Dr. Biswajit Maiti
Dr. Praveen Rai
Dr. Anupama Karanth
Dr. Krishna Kumar B
NUCSER Unique primers for rapid detection test for SARSCoV2 using loop mediated isothermal amplification 06-07-2021 2021041030297 Published
15 Dr. Biswajit Maiti
Dr. Praveen Rai
Dr. Anupama Karant
NUCSER Unique molecular primers to detect SARSCoV2 using polymerase spiral reaction 06-07-2021 202141030214 published
16 Dr. Aditya Shetty
Dr. Mithra Hegd
ABSMIDS Radioopque contrast media for root canal visualisation in endodontics 16-07-2021 202141032033 Published
17 Dr. Rajmohan Shetty
Dr. Amitha Hegde
Dr. Joseph John
ABSMIDS Modified reverse twin block with applied force for dental (intraoral myofunctional) correction in skeletal classs III malocclusion 16-07-2021 202141032032 Published
18 Dr. Menta Sai Kalyan
Dr. M.S. Ravi
Dr. P.S. Murali
Mr. Aneesh Jose
Mr. Shishir Ballal
ABSMIDS Orthodontic bracket positioner with simultaneous horizontal and vertical axis adjustment device 26-07-2021 202141033467 Published
19 Ms Anjana Kaveri Badekila
Dr. Sudarshan Kini
NUCSER Biodegradable three dimentional scaffolds to grow cells in serum deprived condition 27-07-2021 202141033609 filed
20 Dr. Keerthan Shashidhar
Prof. U.S.Krishna Nayak
ABSMIDS Torquing House (K3 Appliance) 03-03-2022 202241011462 Filed
21 Prof.Mithra N Hegde
Prof.Aditya Shetty
ABSMIDS Occlusion Reproducing Tray (OCT) 11-04-2022 202241021412 Filed
22 Dr Praveen Rai, Dr Krishna Kumar, Dr Deekshit, Dr Juliet Mohan Raj NUCSER Broad spectrum jumbo bacteriophagesagainst multidrug resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa 04-10-2021 202141044837 Filed
23 Dr.Chethan Hegde
Dr.Manoj Shetty
Dr.Padmaraj Hegde
ABSMIDS An orthodontic appliance design to prevent tissue damage in patients with poor neuromuscular control 15-03-2022 202241013987 Filed
24 Dr.Rakshit Hegde ABSMIDS Two in one instrument for indirect sinuslift and friction fit crownseating 11-04-2022 202241021411 Filed
25 Srinivas Hebber
Akhilesh Dubey
Ravi G S
Sawan M Ghetia
Amitha Shetty
NGSMIPS Chitisan coated liposomes of Asiatic acid for the treatment of inital stages of Alzheimer's Disease 06-06-2022 202241032166 Filed
26 Dr. Lekha Pandit KSHEMA A novel cell based immunoassay for diagnosis of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder 02-12-2021 202141055841 published
27 Dr. Anirban Chakraborty
Dr. Gunimala Chakraborty
Dr. Rajeshwari Vittal
Ms Dechamma P.N.
Ms Krithika K
Ms Jeshma Ravindra
NUCSER Tool for real time evaluation of antioxidant properties of natural and synthetic compounds 31-03-2022 202241021416 filed
28 Dr Marina Koland
Ms. Megha Kotian
NGSMIPS Keratin based hydrogel buccal films for the treatment of oral ulcers 11-04-2022 202241021410 filed
29 Dr. M.K. Unnikrishnan
Dr. C.S. Shastry
NGSMIPS Nitte Plethysmometer with digital recording capabilities 11-04-2022 202241021918 filed
30 Dr. Anoop Narayan
Mr. Aneesh John
NGSMIPS Process for enhancing bioavailability of ipriflavone 06-06-2022 202241032167 filed
31 Dr. Anupama Prasad
Dr. D. Krishna Prasad
Mr. Gopala Krishna Kakunje
ABSMIDS Portable surface electromyograph for muscle pain detection in dental applications 06-06-2022 202241032169 filed
32 Dr Anupama Prasad
Dr. D. Krishna Prasad
Mr. Gopala Krishna Bhat Kakunje
ABSMIDS Moringa oleifera leaf extact based mouthwash for the management of periodontitis and gingivitis 08-06-2022 202241032702 filed
33 Dr. Keerthan Shashidhar
Dr. M.N. Kuttappa
Dr. U.S. Krishna Naik
Dr. Shailesh Kumar
ABSMIDS Coilspring activator for orthodontic applications 08-06-2022 202241032701 filed
34 Mr. Pradyumna G R
Mr. Bommegowda K B
Dr. Roopa B. Hegde
Dr. Durga Prasad
Mr. Anil Kumar Bhat
Dr. Sukesh Rao M
Dr. Vidya Kudva
Mr. Sripathi Bhat
Dr. Pradeep Shenoy
Dr. Karthik Rao
NMAMIT Urine Bag with remote output control ability 24-06-2022 202241036257 filed
35 Dr. Urvashi Ashwin Shetty
Dr. Manisha Rai
Dr. Pushparaj Shetty
Dr. Audrey Madonna D’Cruz
ABSMIDS Portable work station for oral cancer screening and detection at community level 24-06-2022 202241036255 filed
36 Mr. Anoopkrishna Rai
Dr. Rama Adiga
Dr. Praveen Rai
NUCSER Novel primers for nested polymerase chain reaction based detection of malarial parasites 24-06-2022 202241036258 filed
37 Dr. Jayadeep Dutta
Dr. Prajwal Shetty
Dr. M.S. Ravi
ABSMIDS New process for assessing Maxillary and Mandibular Sagittal Relationship using Cephalometric Angular Measurements (NU-MSR Angles) 24-06-2022 202241036256 filed
38 Dr. Sukesh Rao
Dr. Nagendra K.C.
Dr. Aditi
NMAMIT A Wristband to Monitor key parameters for the Early Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases 18-07-2022 202241040842 filed
39 Dr Murali Badanthadka
Dr. Madhura R.J.
NGSMIPS Process for rapid induction of hepatocellular carcinoma in mouse model. 30-08-2022 202241049366 filed