TEC supports pilot scale processing for the Vegan product company Antidote


The Technology Enabling Centre facilitated the development of technology for the production of almond milk. A technology transfer agreement was signed between Nitte (DU) & Antidote, New Delhi. Dr Mamatha BS & Dr Feby Luckose were deputed to CFTRI, Mysore during 5-7 Sept 2022, for the pilot scale processing of almond milk. The product will now be available for pilot marketing as a start-up requirement. Spray-dried almond milk powder is an innovative product that can replace conventional dairy milk for making beverages, smoothies and soups. Using spray drying technology, liquid almond milk was transformed into a dehydrated form by short time exposure to high-temperature air.
This product will be particularly useful for those individuals with lactose intolerance. The main advantages of this spray dried technology for preparing nut based milk are long shelf-life, the inhibition of fermentation, all nutrients being retained and reduced volume for storage and transportation.

Event Date : 2022-09-05

Venue : DST TEC

Last updated 2022-10-12 05:30:23