Inauguration of FAO Reference centre for Antimicrobial resistance


On the day National Technology celebration, FAO Reference Center for Antimicrobial Resistance was launched by Dr. S.K. Pattanayak. FAO designated four institutions globally as FAO Reference Centers for Antimicrobial Resistance and Aquatic Biosecurity. Two of these are in China and one in USA. As a FAO Reference Center, Nitte University will be collaborating with international organisations like Food And Agriculture Organisation (FAO), World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Organisation of Animal Health (WOAH, formerly, OIE). Nitte University will be involved in providing technical support for the work of these international organisations in the area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and mitigation of AMR through implementation of biosecurity. Further Nitte University will be involved in capacity building in the South and South East Asia in AMR and biosecurity.

Event Date : 2023-05-11

Venue : ABSMIDS-Avishkar hall

Last updated 2023-05-18 06:21:36