FAO Expert Meeting, Rome


Dr. Iddya Karunasagar and Dr. Indrani Karunasagar were invited for a FAO Expert Meeting on Fish - Vet + Dialogue II: One Health and Biosecurity and International Conference on “Aquatic organism health - to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” organized by FAO at Rome, Italy, June 18-20. Dr. Iddya Karunasagar delivered a talk on “Foodborne AMR – optimizing genomic resources for mitigation of AMR” and Dr. Indrani Karunasagar moderated Session 1: One health, AMR, zoonosis, fish safety and fish welfare. She delivered a talk on “Oral nanovaccines Nanovaccines: Emerging technology against Aeromoniasis”. These meetings were attended by Dr. J.K. Jena, Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and two Technical Officers from Ministry of Fisheries, Government of India.

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Event Date : 2024-06-18

Venue : FAO, Rome, Italy

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