Webinar on "Biological Diversity Act -2002"


On the occasion of World environment day an oration on Biological Diversity Act -2002 (BDA) was organized by DST NU-TEC. Opening remarks was delivered by Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary, Vice Chancellor, Nitte (DU). He proudly explained how Nitte University has been constantly striving towards achieving carbon neutral campus and explained how the new campus is designed to have 60% of the area representing bioconservation island that will harbor natural habitats. He appreciated the efforts of the university green brigade team in striving to initiate and implement alternative source of energy to reduce pollution. He highlighted the importance of handling biomedical waste wisely in the context of increase in the use of PPE and mask during this unprecedented challenging time.
The orator Dr B Meenakumari, Former chairperson, National Biodiversity Authority, Govt of India spoke about Biodiversity with a focus on laws applicable to various issues of interest to biomedical scientists such as Intelectual Property Rights (IPR), international collaboration and transfer of Clinical and Biomedical samples. Dr B Meenakumari, enlightened the students and academicians on the importance of abiding by the act and how it can help in ecosystem restoration which is the focus of this environment day with the theme ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore'. She asserted that India is a mega biodiversity country and one of the oldest and biggest repositories of biological and genetic resources as well as associated traditional knowledge. Today, biodiversity degradation is a global challenge and is an irreversible damage. She enunciated the aim of Biodiversity Act – conservation, sustainable use of country’s biological sources and promotion of equity in benefit sharing from their use. Along with expressing that the biodiversity is fundamental to technological innovations, she stated that the scope of biodiversity act includes biosurvey, research, and commercial utilization, IPRs and transfer of research results and knowledge. She briefed the audience on various provisions of the Biodiversity Act under the article 48A and 51 A, and process of application by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA). The oration also gave a glimpse of modern threats to biodiversity and how human actions pose a threat to various species and ecosystem that was never witnessed in the history of mankind. She also highlighted how we can respond to crisis through scientific analysis and communication about the drivers of change in biodiversity and human welfare, technological developments. Academicians could play a role involving citizens by making them aware of various environmental acts, disseminating information on legal and institutional instruments, economic incentives and plans by the government.. She expressed that lack of awareness, sectorial issues, lack of cooperation from stakeholders and lack of enforcement mechanisms undermines the act's intent and spirit. Concluding the oration, Dr B Meenakumari, gave an update and a checklist to researchers about how to go about with research that involves various biological resources from nature and various sector specific training and awareness programmes that the government offers. The virtual session was moderated by Dr Indrani Karunasagar, Director Projects and DST NU-TEC and Dr Smitha Coordinator DST NU-TEC.

Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1lsHYdH9sE

Event Date : 2021-06-05

Venue : DST NU-TEC

Last updated 2021-06-14 06:22:20