“Unravelling the Covid-19 pandemic and its management”


Prof Dr Iddya Karunasagar Advisor-Research & Patents Nitte (DU) and Prof Dr Indrani Karunasagar Director, Projects & DST NU-TEC delivered expert lecture on webinar “Unravelling the Covid-19 pandemic and its management” on 15th May 2021 organized by Brindavan College of Engineering, Bangalore for all the engineering colleges of Visvesvaraya Technical University.
Highlights of the talk
Prof Dr Iddya Karunasagar introduced the concept of microbes and detailed on the corona virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic including its structure, variants, pathogenesis and pathogenicity. Prof Dr Indrani Karunasagar elaborated on lessons drawn for future from Covid pandemic at individual, community, national and international levels and highlighted the importance of Covid appropriate behaviour. She urged the engineering students to come forth with novel research ideas to tackle the pandemic by joining hands with the medical fraternity.

Event Date : 2021-03-15

Venue : DST NU-TEC

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