A talk on ‘IPR in Biotechnology Area’ was organized by DST NU-TEC platform on 6 October, 2021. The speaker of the session, Ms Mahuva Shetty, is a Trade Mark Attorney at Mangaluru. The session was moderated by Dr Iddya Karunasagar. Speaker Ms Mahuva Shetty introduced the topic to the participants by emphasizing on the importance of IPR in recognition, financial incentives of the creator, ensuring originality of the product and promotion of R&D. She briefed on how intellectual property rights can be protected under various categories namely, patents, trademarks, copyrights, geographical indicators, semiconductor integrated circuit layout- Design, plant variety protection and how biodiversity protection and implementation policies work. She further updated the audience on how copyright and trademark is gaining popularity in recent years with relevant day to day examples that participants could connect to, like pirated drugs during Covid-19 pandemic and many household cleansing products. Ms Mahuva Shetty detailed the importance of trademark and the need to make it unique, necessitating prior-art-search before applying for the same. Another major category of IPR-Copyrights was also addressed by the speaker. She enlightened the audience on how copyrights can protect literary works, artistry, musical and dramatic works, giving the individual right over the expression and not the ideas. She highlighted on the bundle of rights under copyright with two distinct categories - the economic and moral rights and presented several examples. Factors affecting ownership as well as exceptions to copyright were the other topics covered. The final important concept covered in the talk was on patents. Criteria for patentability and the NUNS rule that states the patent should be novel, should have industrial application, should have non-obvious inventive step and should not attract the provisions of section 3 and 4 of patent act 1970 was introduced to the audience. The talk ended with an interactive question and answer session and various doubts of the participants were addressed.

Event Date : 2021-10-06

Venue : DST NU-TEC

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