Research and development and IPR during COVID-19


Webinar on “Research and development and IPR during COVID-19” was organized under DST NU-TEC platform on May 26, 2020. Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary, in highlighting the need for this important webinar, stated that change in strategy in research is required during unprecedented time like the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a highly challenging situation with a large number of potential solutions. Dr T.S Rao, Rtd Senior Advisor, Department of Biotechnology informed all that government funding bodies and researchers should coordinate with each other for the effective translation of research. Research proposal made in the area of Covid-19 or any other research should be a result of critical thinking, should be well structured and should have a translational research outcome. There should be a collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians for the effective implementation of research. Dr Iddya Karunasagar spoke on strategies for promoting research in Nitte University through various intra and extramural research grants, energizing the faculty by organizing meeting with external experts, conduct of project writing workshops, student participation in Anveshan etc. Dr Sharana, Gauda Asst Comptroller, Patents and Designs, GoI, Chennai stated that there is a rise in the research leading to development of diagnostic kits and antiretroviral formulations. To continue the process of patent filing, e-filing facility and postal services were created. Timeline for the Indian Patent act and rule are expedited in view of pandemic. Webinar was moderated by Dr Indrani Karunasagar who introduced the theme and the speakers.

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Event Date : 2020-05-26

Venue : DST NU-TEC platform

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