Nitte DU collaborates with FAO Regional Office and INFOFISH to organize the terminal workshop of FAO project


FAO supported project TCP/RAS/3702 is being implemented in three countries – India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The project is expected to deliver the following outputs:
Output 1 – Baseline information on use and governance of antimicrobials in aquaculture commodities are generated and awareness of AMR risks associated with aquaculture is enhanced among the different stakeholders.
Output 2 – National laboratory capacity for effective surveillance and monitoring of AMR associated with aquaculture enhanced.
Output 3 – Good health management practices for aquaculture commodities in the participating countries are developed and disseminated to farmers.
Output 4 – Legislative framework for effective governance of AMU in aquaculture and national strategy and action plan and effective mitigating, surveillance and minoring of AMR risk associated with aquaculture are developed.
The overall objective of this terminal workshop held on November 23-24 was to review the project outputs achieved in each of the participating countries and share the information and lessons learnt across Asia and the Pacific region. The specific objectives are to:
Share the information and experiences of AMU and AMR and understand the challenges in mitigating AMR in aquaculture in the countries;
Share the good aquaculture practices developed in the participating countries;
learn from international experiences on innovations and best practices in mitigation of AMR; and
Plan future international and regional collaboration to support mitigation of AMR in aquaculture.
Dr Iddya Karunasagar prepared the workshop programme, identified international expert speakers and moderated the workshop. INFOFISH is the Regional Intergovernmental organization involved in market information and technical advisory services in Asia and Pacific region. INFOFISH organized the IT platform and communication services for the workshop.

Event Date : 2021-11-24

Venue : Virtul mode

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