National Technology Day Lecture


It was fortuitous for the TEC at Nitte (DU) to have Prof B Gurumoorthy, TEC-EAG member and an acclaimed technologist, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru as the resource person on the occasion of National Technology Day on 11 May 2022. A webinar themed “Innovation by design” was addressed by Prof Gurumoorthy on this day which is celebrated to mark the entry of India as a member of the elite nuclear technology group of countries. Dr Indrani Karunasagar, in her opening remarks introduced the resource speaker of eminence for the occasion and explained the theme of the day i.e. 'Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for Sustainable Future’. She detailed the efforts of the university towards generating skilled manpower with potential to face the scientific and social challenges in this competitive world with a high degree of credibility, integrity and ethics. The prime responsibility of TEC is to address social causes through relevant research, take it to the masses and provide solution to problems. Prof Gurumoorthy enlightened the audience with his humour and lucid style on the process of innovation, technology readiness level (TRL), issues in translating output from academia to products in market place with focus on “Design”. The Q and A session following the presentation was highly interactive and productive as it provided the much needed understanding and reality check in taking research through the various TRL’s.

Event Date : 2022-05-11

Venue : DST TEC

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