National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission Webinar


As a part of national intellectual property awareness mission webinar series, “IPR and its protection in India” was organised by DST TEC in collaboration with IP India, NIPAM and NUCSER on 12 May 2022. Keynote speakers of the webinar were Dr Sharana Gouda, Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs, Patent office, Chennai and Shri Abhishek Singh, Examiner of patents and designs, Patent office, Chennai. Dr Anirban Chakraborty welcomed the resource persons and explained the importance of the webinar as India is rapidly moving in patenting inventions to establish her supremacy globally in startups and entrepreneurship. Shri Abhishek Singh discussed on patent rights, copyrights, trademark, design, ideation expression, economic rights and moral rights with interesting examples. He explained the entire process of application filing, including examination, the legal process and the fee involved at every stage until granting of patent. Dr Sharan Gouda spoke on patentability criteria under various sections with appropriate examples. Dr Iddya Karunasagar, as the research and patent advisor of the university moderated the entire session and provided inputs.

Event Date : 2022-05-12

Venue : DST TEC

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