Nitte (DU), in association with AIC Nitte Incubation Centre, organized 3-day Nitte health care Innovation hackathon between 5-7 My 2023 to provide a platform for students, researchers, innovators, healthcare professionals, & startups to develop innovative solutions for clinical challenges. The hackathon was conducted under various categories; digital solutions in health care delivery, novel approaches for infection control and patient handling, devices and tools for better health outcomes, diagnostics and tools for early detection of health problems, nutrition and environment for better health. The participants presented their ideas through posters/product demonstrations followed by interaction and networking on 05 May 2023 at Nitte Engineering college campus. The inauguration of the hackathon was conducted at the Paneer campus on 06 May 2023 and was inaugurated by Dr Vishal Rao, Regional Director, HCG hospital, Bengaluru. Dr AP Achar, CEO, Atal Incubation Centre, Nitte, Dr G Sriniketan, Chair, Institution Innovation Council Nitte (DU), graced the occasion. Dr Hardik Pandya, Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Dr Advay Aundhekar, founder of Docsy Doctor and health-tech, were the eminent speakers of the day. Dr Indrani Karunasagar welcomed the gathering and introduced the guest to the audience. Prof Dr Iddya Karunasagar, Advisor (Research and Patents), explained the significance of the day. Dr Vishal Rao detailed his journey to invent a voice box an indigenous innovative solution to cater the victims of oral cancer who lost their voice and motivated the participants to think out of the box to find creative and innovative solutions to the problems. Dr Hardik Pandya explained his cutting-edge research in the field of medicine with the use of micro-nano-technology. He discussed on development sensor-based medical devices, body fluid profiles to diagnose various clinical conditions, minimally invasive tools, electronic systems in the clinical setting, drug screening, and smart microchips for healthcare. Dr Advay Aundhekar detailed his journey to becoming a start-up. He advised the participants to believe in their potential and to take their innovative ideas to start-up.

Workshop Date : 2023-05-06

Venue : DST TEC

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