The Nitte University DST Technology Enabling Centre, Institution Innovation Council and NUCSER jointly organized an expert lecture on “Startup and funding ecosystem in agri-food sector” on 06 February 2024 at the University Auditorium, Paneer campus. Mr Arvind Modi, Partner Sathguru Catalysers, Hyderabad was the resource person. He has over 12 years of experience in Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) Investments. His area of expertise includes VC/PE investment management, capital structuring, valuations, consulting and has excellent business acumen with proven abilities in investment decisions.
Dr Anirban Chakraborty welcomed the gathering and Dr Indrani Karunasagar introduced the resource person. In his expert lecture, Mr Modi detailed about grants, equity and debt and the difference between them. He also gave an insight about the Venture capitalists, their functions and consideration, market scalability and defensibility. He explained the valley of death of startups importance of angel investors. He elaborated on what startup founders need to know when preparing to pitch their business plan to the venture capitalists. He gave a glimpse of startup funding statistics along with valuation of Indian Start-up Economy. He also noted that startups may not have all expertise and they could use outsourcing to save time, cost & energy. He urged the young entrepreneurs to be conscious about cost and see that each cash burn adds to growth of the company and not to spend on corporate gifts for coworkers or clients. Until the idea is executed or the company takes off he advised the statrups not to waste time and money on brand name, logo and similar issues. He shared certain tips with the startups from his experience that bigger market size does not guarantee success and can mislead everyone. He also said hiring more number of task performers (doers) than managers will help in more productivity. The lecture was followed by an active participation of audience in question answer session and concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the Director R&D Dr Praveen Kumar Shetty. The program was attended by 85 students and 17 faculties of constituent colleges of Nitte (DU)

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