The World food safety day celebration


Training of food handlers is a pre-requisite for ensuring food safety. With this mandate, an interactive session was organized for the Nitte University canteen and hostel mess workers to create awareness on hygienic practices to ensure food safety. The event was part of the ‘World food safety day’ celebration organized at the Technology Enabling Centre, Nitte (DU), on June 07, 2022. Dr Praveen Kumar, FSSAI designated district food safety officer, D.K., was the chief guest of the day. People involved in various food sector areas, including food system policy makers, processors and investors from in and around Mangaluru were invited to the celebration to create awareness about food safety and its importance. The session, on the whole, provided the audience with knowledge about the need for producing safe food for consumption by outlining necessary guidelines for the validation of food safety control measures. On this occasion, DST TEC Nitte (DU) organized a series of events for students and research scholars to create awareness among youngsters. The food safety celebration ended with the prize distribution to the awardees.

Workshop Date : 2022-06-07

Venue : DST TEC

Last updated 2022-10-12 05:35:02