Sl No Technologies to be developed/Issues to be focused on
1 Potential nutritional property of cashew in cancer therapy and standardization of the quantity of cashews (grams/ day) that is safe for diabetic patients
2 Issue of Tribolium castaneum - common menace in cashew industry
3 Detection of foreign bodies in products that specially arise from fragile packaging materials
4 Development of rapid detection kits for analysis of percentage of chicory, pesticides, presence or absence of heavy metals etc
5 Development of digital sensors for sensory evaluation like consistency, aroma and taste of food
6 Production of biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging materials that can withstand various levels of processing
7 App development to help the marketers come in contact with the authorities to bridge the gap between regulators and market makers
8 Development of certified or accredited/FSSAI approved food testing lab in Dakshina Kannada
9 Improving nutritional value in packaged food to catch up with the changing trends in lifestyle and food choice
10 Study on quality of packaging material for effect on shelf life and freshness of food

Sl No Technologies to be developed/Issues to be focused on
1 Development of paper strip based assay for urine analysis
2 Development of paper strip based assay for assessing liver function
3 Development of spot test for analysing nasal swab to detect covid-19
4 Microfluidic devices for the diagnosis of infectious disease
5 Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) biochip for the HIV detection
6 Chip based microfluidic device for the detection of lithium
7 Wristband device for real time detection of glucose, sodium chloride
8 Sweat monitoring patch for monitoring sweat rate and temperature
9 Handheld optical tomography (OCT)
10 LED based fluorescence microscope as a replacement for bright field microscopy
11 Development of nano materials for electronic devices, biosensors, micro-needles and smart phone assisted prediction device with artificial intelligence
12 All in one doctor instrument - fusion of e-stethoscope, pulse oximeter, Sphygmomanometer, ECG machine, thermometer and glucometer
13 Non-invasive glucose measurement system
14 Thermal mapping and correlation with diseases
15 Artificial intelligence (AI) and body signals to develop instruments in context with disease identification
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Jugular venous pressure
  • Phonocardiogram
  • Pathological slide scanners with digital scanning
  • Simple continuous EEG monitoring
  • Mobile device including infrared thermometer
  • Logistics in the area of patient transport
16 Quick digital scanning sharper ECG using fine small needle electrode
17 Nano-drop sampling
18 Medical innovation is required in the field of
  • Tissue culture
  • Plastic surgery
  • 3D Bio-printing
  • 3D organ development
19 Low cost glucose monitoring and GI cancer detection system
20 3D printed implants/prosthesis
21 Low cost phono-cardiograph
22 Tracheostomy tubes
23 Affordable smart walker
24 Automated external defibrillator on a drone for the patients with cardiac arrest or failure
25 Wheel chair with voice enabled RFID device for opening locked doors
26 Osteoporotic assisted device
27 C-arm capable of taking views of both antero-posterior and lateral shots without having to move c arm position
28 Spectacle with coring gorilla glass
29 Sensors on the spectacles which will prompt the patient about topography of the surrounding
30 Slit lamp supported on drone for the ophthalmological examination
31 User friendly affordable light weight digital device to monitor eye pressure
32 Simulation device with good haptic feedback for cataract surgery
33 Use of artificial intelligence to examine retina
34 Wireless hassle free multi parameter monitor for operation theatres
35 Robotic assisted physiotherapy
36 Swivel chair and accessories in ambulance to transport the patients with breathlessness
37 Caulking gun with autologous for fat transplantation
38 Bar code with audio prompt on medicine vials to minimize human errors.
39 Cost effective nasal prongs and tubing’s for heated humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen.
40 Adrenaline auto injectors
41 Development of model to accurately predict acute attack of asthma using analytical/physiological factors integrated with machine learning algorithms
42 Orthopaedic implants in the remote areas at low cost
43 AI based medical device to screen
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Ambulatory glucose profile
  • Triage tool for the radiology image
  • Human-AI interaction in robotic surgery
  • Health information registry and trauma registry
44 Simplified yet protective PPE to prevent fogging and heat generation in PPE
45 Assistance to cannulate the vein in infants
46 Automation in patient transfer facility
47 Device to monitor the oxygen delivery
48 Diaper to recognize wetting and bedsore
49 Device to diagnose sleep apnea
50 Device for chest physiotherapy
51 Distance sensor to increase the accuracy of thermo-scanners
52 Digital radiography
53 No contact stethoscope
54 Positioning device in OT to perform oro-nasal surgery and a cost effective micro-debrider